Why Abundance? 5 Benefits of Living with an Abundance Mentality

We live in a time where the world is at our fingertips. There are more resources and opportunities than ever before to discover, create and dream. It would seem logical that we would gravitate more towards the abundance mentality, yet people still live paycheck to paycheck, complaining about their problems, yet refusing to do anything to resolve them.

Despite abundance being all around them, they allow their current mindset to create a reality of scarcity and lack.

The good news is, is that reality can be changed. You just have to become fully aware of how powerful your thoughts are and make the decision to move from scarcity to abundance.

Once you begin to see how beneficial an abundance mentality is to your current and future success, you’ll never look back – let’s dig in!

  1. You Become Proactive – With an abundance mentality, you don’t wait for life to happen. You go out and get it. You plan for the future and embrace uncertainty and change with bold enthusiasm because you know if one plan doesn’t work, there are a million others to choose from. You don’t allow failure to get you down, but rather use it as a learning experience for future endeavors. With this mentality, the ball is in your court and you get to decide who and what you’re going to become.
  2. Less Negativity – Let’s face it, it’s hard to get away from negativity in the world today. If we don’t see it on TV, we scroll past it on social media. Drama, Gossip, Gloom and Doom – 24//7 and it be a little bit of a buzzkill on our positive attitude if we allow it. However, with an abundance mentality, you’ll tend to see the world through a lens of positivity, gratitude, love and appreciation. You don’t fear the future or worry about unnecessary drama. You move through the good and bad with the same optimism and know deep down everything is going to be ok. With this mindset, it’s easier to put blinders on and focus on what’s truly important.
  3. Less Comparison – How in the world are we supposed to measure up when all we see are impossible standards and perfection everywhere we look? It’s a big joke. Comparing yourself with someone else is always a dangerous game, one that you will never win. However, when you adopt an abundance mindset, you don’t feel the need to run that race because you are confident enough in yourself and your own abilities. You focus on your path, not anyone else’s. You allow people to inspire you rather than intimidate you. You understand that there is space for everyone on the planet to share their gifts and talents and you don’t base your worthiness on being like everyone else.
  4. Open to Giving – When you have an abundance mentality you are more open to giving and sharing your knowledge, your gifts, your possessions, your money. You understand that adding value to someone’s life, also adds value to yours. You know that when you put abundance out into the universe, you will get it back ten-fold. You are much more willing to lend a hand and help someone in need without having a “What’s in it for me,” mentality.
  5. Win-Win Attitude – When someone else succeeds, you share in their joy and you are genuinely happy for them. With an abundance mentality, you don’t feel threatened by someone else winning because you know there is enough to go around for everyone. This attitude also allows you to stay open to learning and receiving knowledge from someone else – a mentor, a coach or someone who is a few steps ahead of you on the ladder. It doesn’t intimidate you, but rather inspires and motivates you to move forward.

There’s no doubt that an abundance mentality will benefit your life, but the most important thing to remember is that the ball is in your court. Only you have the power to decide that you want and deserve all the abundance life has to offer.