Hi, I’m Virginia
the Money Coach

I am a mentor to smart women who want to get smart about money, master their relationship with money, attract abundance and finally feel financially secure.
About The Women's Money Project Small

I came to this work through my own experience. I realised I knew nothing about money. Not only did I know nothing, I didn’t want to know anything. I buried my head deep in the sand—that was my favourite position. I thought my husband could manage everything. I was pushing any thoughts of money aside and hoping that the problem would go away.

Big Mistake!

Virginia Baker Woolf

After years climbing the corporate ladder, hitting all the metrics that demonstrated I was a successful woman, I realised that although it looked like I had it all together, I still had zero knowledge about money and I never really felt safe or in control.

After we lost money in an investment I realised there were huge gaps in my understanding of money. I didn’t even know how much super (US 401K) I had or how I could afford to pay for my kids’ university education or how to plan for retirement.

And, so I dived into learning EVERYTHING I could about money, mindset and everything in between and I brought my 20 years of extensive coaching experience to money coaching.

It turns out that a staggering number of women feel exactly the same way I did.

I have taken what I think are the most important and pressing issues and designed two money courses inspired by a coaching mindset.

In the last 5 years I have helped many women completely transform their relationship with money, take charge of their financial future and finally feel free. And this has a ripple effect on everything else in your life.

Unlike many other coaches, you'll find out there - I go beyond the mantras, meditations and fluffy manifestation hacks and I dig deep to help women unearth their buried money beliefs and stories, rewire their mindset and step into abundance.

I designed Money Mojo: Money Mindset Momentum to help you quickly and permanently let go of your stress about money, make more and keep more. I can’t wait to help you inside the mini-course and/or The Money Project Signature Course.

I’m a Certified Money Coach and an International Coach Federation Accredited Coach. I’m not, however, a financial planner—so I’m not qualified to give advice on financial products.

Want Credentials ?

Hey I get it. If you’re anything like my clients then you probably appreciate knowing that I’m not a money coaching fly on the wall, aka an impostor with no credentials or experience.

  • Certified Money Coach (CMC)®
  • Associate Certified Coach – International Coach Federation 2006
  • Certified Master Coach - Behavioural Coaching Institute
  • Graduate Core Essentials Coach Training - Corporate Coach U
  • Graduate Advanced Coaching - Corporate Coach U
  • Accredited Coach - Results Coaching Systems
  • Certified MSCEIT Emotional Intelligence Practitioner
  • Licensed facilitator of The Coaching Clinic: Coaching Skills for Managers
  • Licensed Facilitator: Advanced Coaching Clinic: Essential Conversations for Developing Others

Still reading?

Great! I suggest you get started with the Money Personality Quiz to discover your money archetype.

When I’m not coaching or teaching I love to kick back with a Caprioska or a good Merlot. I love to eat out, especially spicy Asian. My favourite poet is Neruda, in Spanish!  I love literature and film in French, Spanish and English.

I am intrigued by the many and various strategies and tools we can use to develop ourselves to shine and sparkle.

My favourite colour is turquoise – which you could probably guess !  You will often find me singing, dancing and painting large abstracts.

You’ll find those art works at www.virginiabakerwoolf.art

Virginia Baker-Woolf

About Virginia Woolf

In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.


The Baker's Dozen

13 Personal Facts About Virginia:

Sign: Taurus
Enneagram: 8 Disc: Director
Learning Styles: multi modal: Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic and Spiritual
Most Daring Adventure: Driving up a mountain cliff with a sheer drop in Maui
Favourite Indulgence: Sticky date pudding with lashings of double cream
Game Changers: Coaching and Painting
Mornings: Very strong tea

Aunty Virginia: My 16 nieces and nephews live in Sydney, Alice Springs and London
Birth Order: Second of 6 children with three brothers and two sisters
Family: Children: a girl, Claudia and a son Sam and my husband, Gordon, and I love them to distraction
Favourite hobby: Abstract painting
Favourite drink: A Caprioska or an excellent merlot
Languages: English, fluent Spanish and French that’s a bit rusty