Hi, I’m Virginia the Money Coach

Virginia Baker-Woolf

I came to this work through my own experience. I realised I knew nothing about money. Not only did I know nothing, I didn’t want to know anything. I buried my head deep in the sand—that was my favourite position. I thought my husband could manage everything. I was pushing any thoughts of money aside and hoping that the problem would go away.


Money made me anxious.

I never really felt safe or in control.

So I started reading, researching and studying money and how women feel about it and manage it.

It turns out that an enormous number of women feel exactly the same way I did and I found that very validating and normalising—I wasn’t odd.

I was feeling the same as the majority of women, but as we never speak about money I didn’t realise my feelings were pretty standard. And that’s how this course came to be.

I did a few online courses about money and although they were fun and interesting they didn’t touch the sides of how I felt and what I thought my issues were with money.

They seemed somewhat shallow, superficial and too focused on manifesting prosperity.

Don’t get me wrong—I think working on your mindset and using affirmations to create prosperity is great but it has major limits (no one ever talks about) and these limits can actually contribute to magical thinking and keeping your head stuck in the sand (like I did).

After a great deal of research and self reflection I have taken what I think are the most important and pressing issues and worked them into services and courses inspired by a coaching mindset—building on my extensive coaching experience and practice of 20 years.

I’m a Certified Money Coach and an International Coach Federation Accredited Coach. I’m not, however, a financial planner—so I’m not qualified to give advice on financial products.

Want Credentials ?

Hey I get it. Credentials are somewhat boring when taken out of context. But if you’re anything like my clients then you probably appreciate knowing that I’m not a money coaching fly on the wall aka an impostor with no credentials or experience.

So go on… check my coaching qualifications:

  • Certified Money Coach (CMC)®
  • Associate Certified Coach – International Coach Federation 2006
  • Certified Master Coach – Behavioural Coaching Institute
  • Graduate Core Essentials Coach Training – Corporate Coach U
  • Graduate Advanced Coaching – Corporate Coach U
  • Accredited Coach – Results Coaching Systems
  • Certified MSCEIT Emotional Intelligence Practitioner
  • Licensed facilitator of The Coaching Clinic: Coaching Skills for Managers

Still reading ?

Great! I suggest you get started with the Money Type Quiz Money Personality Quiz to discover your money archetype.

When I’m not coaching or teaching I love to kick back with a  Caprioska or a good Merlot. I love to eat out, especially spicy Asian. My favourite poet is Neruda, in Spanish !  I love literature and film in French, Spanish and English.

I am intrigued by the many and various strategies and tools we can use to develop ourselves to shine and sparkle.  My favourite colour is turquoise – which you could probably guess !  You will often find me singing, dancing  and painting large abstracts.

You’ll find those art works at www.virginiabakerwoolf.art

Virginia Baker-Woolf

Money coaching with Virginia uncovered my deeply held assumptions about me and my money.
Working with her made me realise that my relationship with money need not be fixed in the past and that I had control of how I can manage my finances now and into the future.

It was an illuminating and empowering process.

Natasha Galea

I highly recommend Virginia as a money coach. When I began working with Virginia I felt I was carrying some very negative beliefs and attitudes about money as well as some old, confusing patterns. Virginia’s coaching was invaluable in helping me resolve my money history, story, patterns and beliefs. I found The Four Core processes extremely helpful to identify my unconscious patterns around money, understand where they came from, heal them and move forward. Thank you Virginia for helping make my dreams of having more clarity and financial freedom become a reality and for your on-going support. Money Coaching with Virginia has been an excellent investment.

Caroline Ellis, Social Worker

Virginia guided  the team through the behavioural types and then using engaging and non-confrontational role play exercises she managed to get the team to gain far greater insight into why and how each member of the team acted and reacted to situations in the way they did. I was amazed at the transformation and how quickly the barriers between members came down.

Catherine G, Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority

I made significant progress in my work and thinking as a result of coaching with Virginia. I was confused about my career and direction when I commenced. Virginia assisted me to find clarity in my direction and encouraged me to pursue my challenges. Virginia has a positive approach and always validated my thoughts, however small I felt they were. I would, and have, recommended Virginia as a professional coach. I found the experience extremely valuable and looked forward to each session.

Charmaine B, Bloombergs

I would like to thank you for all of your support and kindness in providing coaching for me personally and for my business. Over the past year and a half since I have known you, you have provided a professional, supportive, courteous and friendly service.

I have found that the work that we did during our 11 sessions was invaluable and led me to what I believe, are the greatest decisions I have made in my entire life. The goals that we set motivated me to achieve great things. The clarity that came from our sessions assisted me in being proactive and changed my life for the better.

Joanne T, Awakening Lotus