Top 10 Money Manifesting Hacks


1. Create a Money Making/Attracting Affirmation. Make sure you have a goal affirmation, for example: ‘I earn/attract/manifest Eu/£/$ X amount a year’.

2. Be Specific and Keep It In the Now. If you’re focusing on earning/attracting more money, the Universe only has to deliver a cent more to achieve it. So state exactly how much. Make sure it is stated as though it is true now, so you’re not constantly affirming it will happen in the future!

3. Soothe Your Inner Naysayer. Listen to that small voice at the back of your mind that might derail you. Attend to it and soothe it with tapping and/or journaling.

4. De-clutter. Let go of anything that is not in alignment with your goals: your beliefs, thoughts and money stories. Forgive yourself for past mistakes. Recycle clothes that you don’t feel wonderful in.

5. Release your Money Blocks. Including old money stories, limiting beliefs, yucky feelings and undeservedness. Because if you don’t they’ll keep sabotaging you around your goals.

6. Use Supporting Affirmations. Such as is ‘I am enough’, ‘I am successful’, or ‘I am a powerful manifester’. These affirmations nurture the very beliefs and FEELINGS needed to manifest your goals and will quicken the Law of Attraction in sending you what you want.

7. Keep your Eye on the Prize! Make sure you focus on what you want and that you don’t get caught up in the ‘lack’ around what you’re manifesting. For example: if you’re concentrating on the fact it hasn’t arrived/happened yet, that’s what you’ll keep manifesting – the lack of it.

8. Add a little Manifesting Love! Really ramp up your manifesting ability by really getting into the feeling sense of actually achieving your manifesting goal. Get your feel-good.

9. Create a Gratitude Attitude ! The more you show gratitude for what you have, the more the Universe matches that and sends you more to be grateful for. Use a journal or spend 10 minutes a day affirming what you’re grateful for.

10. Become a Serial Manifester ! Don’t be a one-hit manifesting wonder by being hit-and-miss with the above hacks. Create a routine around using the above: say affirmations while walking the dog, soothe the inner naysayer, list what you’re grateful for while doing household chores, commit to de-cluttering 3 things/beliefs/patterns a day, and create a time to use EFT tapping on your money blocks each day.


The Universe needs you to meet it some of the way.

Based on Sarah Marshalls’ work.