The Money Project

“Unlock Your Money Story and Smash Through Money Blocks !”

With The Breakthrough Money Project You’ll Finally Have……………..

A THRIVING relationship with money

A PUNCHY money mindset




………….and a deep sense of calm

Why My Clients Get Results…

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I highly recommend The Money Project. When I began working with Virginia I felt I was carrying some very negative beliefs and attitudes about money as well as some old, confusing patterns. Virginia’s coaching was invaluable in helping me resolve my money history, story, patterns and beliefs. I found The Four Core processes extremely helpful to identify my unconscious patterns around money, understand where they came from, heal them and move forward. Thank you Virginia for helping make my dreams of having more clarity and financial freedom become a reality and for your on-going support. The Money Project with Group Money Coaching with Virginia has been a truly excellent investment. I no longer have to manage a panic attack with dealing with money. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

money project

Did you know ?

Money is energy that you can either attract or repel !

I’m going to reveal to you what you can do to stop giving your power away and how to heal your money relationship and transform it into abundance, money confidence and peace of mind.

Does Any of This Feel Familiar ?

  • You operate in a permanent financial “feast or famine” cycle… there’s never enough money in the bank for you to feel abundant enough to stop worrying about your finances
  • You’re intimately familiar with the “ice-cream-on-the-floor” scenario… sitting on the floor in the dead of night spooning huge chunks of ice cream into your mouth, because you feel alone, anxious, out of control and worried about money
  • You’re guilty of overspending… not because you want to spend more money than you can afford, but somehow you always seem to get caught up in the “moments of short-lived-shopping joy”
  • You feel ashamed talking about money with anyone… money is a deeply personal subject to you, so instead of getting help and talking things out with a friend you ignore the cry for help within you trying to be brave and keeping “face”
  • Your longing for more money often leaves you deprived of the very thing you crave more of… which makes you feel unsafe and insecure
  • You’re caught in a state of… emptiness and longing
  • You feel guilty whenever you spend money on yourself… as if you’re taking a bite from a forbidden fruit

If any of this rings true, money is a TRIGGER for you !

Money plays a HUGE role in your life because there’s never enough. Yet, you desire to have MORE and finally be done with the financial stress, sleepless nights and anxiety !

That’s the bad news…

The lack of money keeps you awake at night, gives you heart palpitations and creates resistance and paralysis.

The Good News is… You Can Change Your Money Story in a Few Short Weeks…


Yes ! I promise you that you’ll finally make peace with money so you can start attracting more of it… as much as you want !

Look, it’s not your fault you’re struggling with money and you’re certainly not alone having to deal with the shame, overwhelm and anxiety.

What I know for sure is that women are conditioned from a young age, we’re wired to expect less of… everything.

You’ve probably been told that…

Money is evil  |  Rich people are evil  |  Money doesn’t grow on trees  |  You shouldn’t talk about money, because it’s dirty

So you’ve been waiting for Prince Charming to show up and sweep you off your feet to solve your money problems. And in the process of getting caught up in romantic childhood dreams you’ve lost sight of reality. Sadly, you haven’t been rescued by Prince Charming and now, you’re deadly afraid of entering retirement… financially broke.

These Stats PROVE You’re Not Alone !

50% of women fear having to sleep in the underpass, like a bag lady, because they won’t have enough money in retirementWomen are 80% more likely to be in poverty in retirement than men61% of women would rather talk about death than money! The average woman has a third of the retirement funds that a man hasOver half of all employed women worldwide are in “vulnerable employment”—aka employment with low pay, low benefits or no benefits, lack of protective standards, lack of control and casual employmentOnly 37% of all Australian women are able to keep up with bills and financial commitments without any difficulties at allWomen aged between 30 and 49 were the most likely to find keeping up with bills to be a constant struggle. This age range of course represents the period of life when the expenses of raising a family are often the highest.
As a metaphor, money represents the duality of our nature as human beings. It is no accident that there are two sides to every coin and dollar bill.

One side represents our individual and collective ability to master the material world.

The other, of equal importance, represents our ability to master the spiritual dimension, the inner world.

It is this resource that we have left untapped.

Until we turn the coin over and explore the spiritual dimension of money and the opportunity it presents for enlightenment, money will always be elusive.

It’s Time to Smash Your Money Blocks and Start Living at Your Highest Potential…

I’ve created The Money Project for women like you, to help you heal your money story—once and for all—so that you can finally claim what’s rightfully yours — ABUNDANCE !

What’s Inside The Money Project ?

  • 8 Course Modules (drip fed over 8 weeks to avoid overwhelm and provide results)
  • 4 Core Money Coaching Processes
  • Umpteen Worksheets, checklists, templates and current research
  • 46 Video Lessons  walking you through the steps and tools
  • Weekly Live Coaching with Master Coach Virginia – not some team member
  • BONUS: The Effortless EFT Queen
  • BONUS:The Money Maven Spring Clean for Your Soul
  • BONUS: The Money Maven Gratitude Practice to Attract
  • BONUS: Money Mavens PRIVATE Community for support and brain storming
  • BONUS: Permanent Access

The Breakthrough Money Project: A 4 Step Program


In Step 1 we are going to diagnose where you are now, in the present, and then, we will diagnose which parts of your story are affecting you in a negative manner. The most artfully simple way to start creating financial miracles is to rewrite your money story and stop telling the old story.

  • In Module #1 we’ll take a deep dive into your individual money history and story. We’ll cover common money wiring stories and the taboo that surrounds money for women all over the world and what this taboo does to us.
  • In Module #2 you’ll discover your ruling Money Archetype and why your dominant archetype has been responsible for every bad decision you’ve made around money until now AND at the same time contributed to many good decisions. When you understand your unique relationship with money, you’ll be able to unlock your money magic and create financial abundance.  I’ll give you the actionable strategies and support you need to heal the pain of your archetype and transition into a more confident, powerful and money-conscious woman. This is a quiz that will reveal your unique strengths, values, challenges and gifts to discover how money responds to you and what you can do to attract more of it.
  • My powerful 3-Step Circuit Breaker will put you back in control of how you feel about and respond to money by giving you 3 very specific tools to soothe yourself and work with your Money EQ. I’ll give you the actionable strategies and support you need to heal the pain and transition into a more confident, powerful and money-conscious woman.


In Step 2 you will transform your money and yourself and heal whatever money blocks may be in your way of achieving financial peace and prosperity.  Money Coaching and The Money Project is the most transformational coaching I have ever done. With money, the rubber meets the road, and we step up, and we heal and transform many parts of our lives.

  • In Module #3 you’ll learn to be brave enough to finally let go of shame and secrecy around money and at long last become comfortable and clear with money.
  • You will learn how to become your own Prince Charming and how to outwit the Bag Lady.
  • You will be able to normalise your feelings about money by learning that the majority of women have the same issues you have.
  • Module #4 is all about transforming negatives into positives. You’ll go from unsafe to safe; not enoughness to enoughness; deprivation to deserving; irresponsible to responsible; valueless to valueable; and powerless to empowered.
  • In Module #5 we’ll deal with your belief systems around money and heal them. You’ll be able to change your MONEY BELIEFS, upgrade your MONEY MINDSET and reframe the way you think about and relate to money.


In Step 3 you will smash sabotage by RIDING THROUGH THE OBSTACLES TO SUCCESS.

  • Module #6, is designed to help you smash through any possible negatives that get in the way of healing your relationship with money, upgrading your money mindset and being, doing and having what you want. We’ll deal with sabotage, resistance, overwhelm and procrastination and you’ll walk away from this phase with a new perspective about yourself and the triggers that have kept you hostage to money self sabotage. That big old Impostor Syndrome will also get a going over !


In Step 4 you will master your Money Mindset and use intention to make BHAG’s – BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOALS

In Module #7 you’ll shift into the abundance realm through the help of healing rituals. You’ll be able to master your abundance mindset and have the tools you’ll need to keep raising your standards.

Module #8 will give you the insights to set outrageous goals—YES—and design the life you’ve always wanted for yourself, without guilt.  We will harness the power of intention. When you heal your money stories and smash through your money blocks you’ll have more, do more and be more.

Take control of your money,

And you can take control of your life !

This is for You If You Want…

  • A thriving relationship with money
  • A powerful, punch money mindset
  • More money success and momentum
  • More money wellbeing – without your heart in your mouth
  • More financial freedom
  • To shift scarcity and lack
  • To shift underearning
  • To shift 3 powerful syndromes: Prince Charming, The Bag Lady and The Impostor
  • To experience a huge sense of relief and calm about money

With The Money Project You’ll Finally…

  • SHINE as a strong, confident woman
  • Experience money breakthroughs
  • SMASH money blocks
  • REDEFINE and REINVENT your money story
  • Value yourself enough to go after what you want
  • Take control of your money and your life
  • Enjoy clarity and peace around your finances
  • TRANSFORM the most important relationship you have: the one with yourself

It’s impossible to change your relationship with money without resolving past emotional issues around money, past paradigms and ongoing negative beliefs about money.


1 x Hour Money Maven Live Coaching per week with Master Coach Virginia

The Effortless EFT Queen Plan with Marie Spencer-Rowland
VALUE $997

The Money Maven Spring Clean for Your Soul
A life altering, transformational 15 Day Spring Clean for the Soul Email Challenge to shed your outer layers and reveal new growth. Cleanse your mind and heart of outdated habits, attitudes and beliefs that no longer serve. Each day, for the first 15 days of The Money Project you will receive a daily reflection, a journaling exercise and an exercise to set your intention. Science has proven that journaling is an effective way to improve mental wellbeing, sort through life and create new outcomes. This challenge will unburden your soul and set your spirit free.
VALUE $297

The Money Maven Gratitude Practice to Attract
Gratitude has an enormous power for positive transformation. Science has proven that a gratitude habit has an extremely beneficial effect on brain health. This works by releasing feel-good chemicals that calm the nervous system. Over time, the more we practice gratitude, the more of a cumulative positive effect occurs, breaking us out of defeatist thinking patterns and helping to cultivate a positive, problem-solving mindset. If that wasn’t already enough, the more grateful we are the more powerful we are to attract what we want. This is a 30 day Gratitude Email Challenge that will begin in Week 4.
VALUE $297

Connection to The Money Mavens
Become part of an incredibly powerful community of Money Mavens from around the world, united in the same goal of transforming, discussing and sharing their mindset. This can be truly valuable if you feel isolated and alone in your money and abundance journey.
VALUE $497

Permanent Access
You’ll have lifetime access to revisit your favourite lessons and inspirations anytime you want to!

IMPORTANT: Your bonuses will be unlocked IMMEDIATELY


“You guys… THIS COURSE WORKS. Since doing The Money Project and working with Virginia I am now finally able to sit down and organise my money without sweating with anxiety. I am now constantly upgrading my money mindset AND I can join the Weekly Coaching Group.

– Caroline Ellis

Since working through The Money Project Core Processes I increased my salary significantly. In addition, I shifted to a new job with much more freedom and personal accountability and no-one breathing down my neck.

-Natasha Galea

I found The Money Project illuminating and I really got benefit from looking at money as a metaphor for so many other parts of my life. I found all the exercises and worksheets really defining and focusing. The best part was that I was so money motivated that I organised my finances so that I could buy a beach holiday house – which is also an investment. I had spent years wanting to do that – The Money Project with Weekly Group Coaching got me there.

-Sara Stain Joffe, Chartered Accountant

Choose Your Payment Plan

Join The Money Project Today ! Choose from 4 payment optionswith lifetime access !

For a limited time only you can enrol in The Money Project for just $1,997AUD  $1,497AUD.


I want to make this super easy for you. See, I know you need The Money Project to help you smash all of your money blocks so you can start living your life to your highest potential.

But since money is a BIG DEAL for you I want to help you say “YES !” today. Enrol in The Money Project today and start diving into your lessons immediately.

If you’re not 100% happy with the course like my other students, simply email me within the first 7 days for a full, no-questions-asked money back.

I believe you’re going to love smashing through your money blocks but just in case you don’t, I’ve got your back.

Smash Your Money Blocks in Just 8 Weeks, Reprogram Your Mind & Create the Life You Want…

Choose from 4 payment optionswith lifetime access !

For a limited time only you can enrol in The Money Project for just $1,997AUD  $1,497AUD.

Hi, I’m Virginia and This is My Money Story from Shame to Success…

I came to this work through my own experience. I realised I knew nothing about money. Not only did I know nothing, I didn’t want to know anything. I buried my head deep in the sand—that was my favourite position. I thought my husband could manage everything. I was pushing any thoughts of money aside and hoping that the problem would go away.


Money made me anxious.

I never really felt safe or in control.

So I started reading, researching and studying money and how women feel about it and manage it.

It turns out that an enormous number of women feel exactly the same way I did and I found that very validating and normalising—I wasn’t odd.

I was feeling the same as the majority of women, but as we never speak about money I didn’t realise my feelings were pretty standard. And that’s how this course came to be.

I did a few online courses about money and although they were fun and interesting they didn’t touch the sides of how I felt and what I thought my issues were with money.

They seemed somewhat shallow, superficial and too focused on manifesting prosperity. Don’t get me wrong—I think working on your mindset and using affirmations to create prosperity is great but it has major limits (no one ever talks about) and these limits can actually contribute to magical thinking and keeping your head stuck in the sand (like I did).

After a great deal of research and self reflection I have taken what I think are the most important and pressing issues and worked them into a course inspired by a coaching mindset—building on my extensive coaching experience and practice of 20 years.

I’m a Certified Money Coach and an International Coach Federation Accredited Coach. I’m not, however, a financial planner—so I’m not qualified to give advice on financial products.

Q: Do you offer a payment plan?

A: Yes I do. You can choose from various payment plans.

Q: How is it delivered?

A: After successful payment you’ll be sent your course portal login where you can immediately dive into the first Module of The Money Project. All the lessons are delivered online.

You’ll be able to study from the comfort of your home on any Internet-enabled device. I do recommend you use a laptop, desktop or tablet (not a smartphone) to access the course for ease of use.

Private Facebook Group

You’ll also be given access to a student-only private Facebook Group where you can ask questions, be fully supported, make new friends with like-minded women and receive lifetime access to monthly training and micro coaching.

Q: What if I don’t have a gazzilion dollars to manage ?

This is not about investing your gazillion dollars. You need a financial planner for that – that’s not me. This is about building your confidence and empowerment with money and going through the steps to write a new money story, free of shame, indecision and fear.

Q: What if I don’t think I have what it takes ?

If you follow the steps and comment and ask questions in the private group, seeking support, you will find that you do have what it takes. If you really feel swamped, you can always email me.

At the end of each module there is a worksheet called “Key Learnings” and this will act as a summary of your learnings and your work – and will greatly reduce overwhelm and highlight your process and successes.

Q: What if I get off track and need extra time to complete the program?

You will have lifetime access to this course, the community and all recorded coaching calls – across any and all devices you own. There is no rush and we want you to complete the program at your own pace.

Q: What if I can’t make the live calls?

All future live calls are recorded and will be placed in your membership portal so you can listen to them at your convenience.

Q: How much time will it take me to complete the program?

That’s entirely up to you. However it’s important to note this is NOT a get rich quick scheme. It takes time to undo knots and heal your relationship with money and yourself. Most people take 60 days to learn and then IMPLEMENT. Sure. you can breeze through the videos quickly and read all the worksheets…but in order to get results. you must IMPLEMENT what you learned. The completion of worksheets and exercises plus implementation is pivotal

Q: What is your return policy?

This program is for DOERS. However, we offer a seven day, no questions asked, refund.

Q: Can’t I just figure this out on my own?

If I’m being perfectly honest…no. Sure you can figure out how to use affirmations and plan for manifestation but THIS COURSE shows you how to move through your money issues, history and blocks with support and community. Working through money is not a one hit wonder.

Q: What are the outcomes? What will I get?


  • A THRIVING, HEALED relationship with money
  • a punchy money mindset
  • more money success
  • more money momentum
  • more money wellbeing without their heart in their mouth
  • MORE importantly, you’ll have a DEEP SENSE of calm that comes from knowing that you’re on the right track

Q: How will I be supported throughout this course?

A: You’ll get full support from me in our private Facebook group and weekly live coaching. It is my wish for you to experience the awakening I have experienced and I’m committed to supporting you along the journey.

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