The Baker’s Dozen Of Money Blocks

Money blocks – we all have them and women carry more blocks than men without any doubt.

Block #1 is that we take the ostrich approach and bury our heads in the sand.

We are in denial about money. We think that if we stop thinking about money it will just go away. Well, it won’t!

Block #2 is that we think  we think that we aren’t good with money. I would go so far as to say that a majority of women think this way. No one is born good with money – it’s a learnable skill.  We need to make the decision to be good with money and take action in line with that decision to become financially literate.

The first and foremost thing women need to do is become financially literate. We need to educate ourselves about money. We don’t dedicate enough time to learning about money. True?

Block #3 is that many women feel a lack of control around money and this often translates as overspending or underearning. If we resolve block no 2 and become financially literate we will feel more in control and we will be able to harness overspending and underearning.

Block #4 is that we don’t set money goals. As we think we aren’t good with money we experience a lack of confidence around money and this causes us to feel unsafe and insecure around money. We set goals about our weight – we can set money goals.

Block #5 is that there is a huge taboo around money. Money is deeply personal and it’s not to be shared. We don’t talk about money. Most women are unable to discuss money with anyone, which means we can feel very  alone about money. We are so used to the cultural taboo about NOT talking about money that we are hardly aware of it. This taboo undermines our relationship with money and our relationships with each other. We need to start talking about money.

Block #6 is that the majority of us hide deep layers of anxiety, fear and shame around money. So many of us are stuck in shame – and as we don’t talk about it we can’t support each other to find a way out.

Block #7 is that the majority of women experience fear when it comes to money:

  • Fear that we won’t have enough money to survive.
  • Fear that we won’t know how to manage the money we do have.
  • Fear that something terrible will happen and we won’t be able to take care of ourselves.
  • Fear because we have lost our money or…
  • Fear that we will lose whatever money we have.

Block #8 is that many women are stuck in deprivation and a state of emptiness and longing. We are stuck in feelings of not enoughness. We need to move out of deprivation and get to deserving.

Block #9 is that many women have no support around money. 63% of Australian women have a money problem at the end of the month and we do not seek support or assistance.

Block #10 is that most of us are carrying baggage and negatives from our money history.

We carry a great many limiting beliefs, paradigms and patterns.

Block #11 is that a huge number of women find money to be boring. I have occupied this position. I always had something more interesting to do than money. Money was about budgeting, saving and deprivation and anxiety that there wasn’t enough.  Money becomes interesting when we see it as a bridge to freedom, choice, our childrens’ futures, wellbeing and meaningful experiences like travel.

Block #12 is that we don’t seek out role models for about money. We may well seek out role models and mentors for other important parts of our lives but we hardly ever get excited about a money mentor.

Block #13 is that we don’t have time for this money stuff – which, really, is just an excuse to protect us from the previous blocks

It saddens me to see women feeling shame, overwhelm, stress and guilt around money because it doesn’t have to be that way. The first step I encourage you to take is to start talking about money, without shame with a safe and trusted person. If you feel you don’t want to discuss money in your circle then start with some professional advisors or courtesy advisors at the banks.

And if you feel courageous right now, email me to let me know which of these blocks resonated the most with you.

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