Are you constantly worried about money & not having enough?

What's really keeping you in a permanent cycle of never feeling like you have enough money?

The truth is nearly all of us have subconscious BLOCKS that get in the way of money flowing to us freely and easily.

Did you know that these money blocks have nothing to do with how you think today and everything to do with your imprinted money story from childhood?

And this hidden story turns into beliefs like

  • Money doesn't grow on trees
  • You should never talk about money
  • Money is too complicated to understand
  • I'll never have enough money

But these beliefs about money are not even yours, and you don't need to keep them!

It's totally possible and actually very simple to change your mind about money.

You just need to uncover your money story and rewire it.

And this is exactly what we will achieve together during this 3-day challenge.

During this 3 day challenge we will:


Uncover your primary unconscious money story so you can design a new narrative to attract more money and enhance your life


Dig deep and discover the micro-stories that have been running you and your money so you can break free


Discover the beliefs that have held you back, reframe them and rewrite your story so you can shift into the prosperity you deserve

Hi I'm Virginia

I help smart women master their relationship with money, attract abundance and finally feel financially secure.

In the last 5 years I've helped hundreds of women completely transform their relationship with money, take charge of their financial future and finally feel free.

One of the easiest and often most overlooked ways of creating more abundance is to take some simple steps and find your 'lost' money.

I look forward to sharing with you how to become the master at attracting, making and keeping more money