If you want to change your current financial situation, you need to uncover the beliefs that underpin your money relationship.

When we investigate our relationship with money we find:

  • What has caused us to create automatic actions around money
  • What has been keeping us stuck in our current salary
  • What makes us spend money, almost unconsciously
  • What makes us hold onto every penny as tightly as we can
  • Why we so easily give money away, even when you don't have money to give away

If you want to change your results, you need to change your beliefs and the money relationship you're hanging onto.

And this is exactly what we will achieve together during this 3-day challenge.

During this 3 day challenge we will:


Delve into how important your relationship with money is and the effect it has on your money, life & well-being.


Dig deep and understand the money relationship that's running you and your money so you can break free & bring in the wealth you envision for yourself.


Start reframing your money relationship so you can shift into the abundance, prosperity and joy you deserve.

Hi I'm Virginia

I help smart women master their relationship with money, attract abundance and finally feel financially secure.

In the last 5 years I've helped hundreds of women completely transform their relationship with money, take charge of their financial future and finally feel free.

One of the easiest and often most overlooked ways of creating more abundance is to take some simple steps and find your 'lost' money.

I look forward to sharing with you how to become the master at attracting, making and keeping more money