The Money Project Program

A 6-week coaching program that helps you align your mindset AND your actions so you can take control of your money and take control of your life.

. . . even if right now the thought of opening a bank statement brings you out in a cold sweat

“You guys… THIS COURSE WORKS. Since doing The Money Project and working with Virginia I am now finally able to sit down and organise my money without sweating with anxiety. I am now constantly upgrading my money mindset AND I can join the Weekly Coaching Group."

Caroline Ellis

Does this sound like You?

You're a professional woman, and you've accomplished many things.

You spend your days juggling business, family, creative pursuits and more.

And from the outside, it looks like you've got it ALL figured out.

Too busy
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There’s just one problem.

Gaining control of your relationship with money and manifesting more of it can feel a bit like catching a glimpse of yourself in the mirror makeup-free.

Confronting and a little scary.

Maybe it goes something like this...

You make a decision to get on top of your money and:

  • You spend the first 30 minutes ignoring the pile of statements on your desk, get distracted by social media and start online shopping instead.
  • You don't even know where to start. Should you do affirmations, manifestation techniques or get a financial advisor?
  • You long to retire early, invest in your future and finally take that overseas trip you've been dreaming about. But how the heck!
  •  If you're completely honest, you're afraid to see where the real money issues lie, as you know you'll have to deal with whatever comes up.

And this lack of security has left you feeling exposed, disempowered and vulnerable.

I want you to know that it's not your fault, and you're not alone.

We've been raised to ignore money, save money, crave money, hoard money & spend money.

But we've never been taught how to truly master it.

And, if right now your relationship status with money is #itscomplicated. 

The good news is that you can heal it, transform it and wake up every day feeling like money is your one true love!


The Money Project Program

The only experience that gives you the coaching, the tools and the strategies to take back control of your relationship with money, master your mindset and create a secure financial future.

Money Mojo Sneak Peek

Disclaimer: This is NOT your typical “course”

Because we all know what happens inside DIY courses, right?

You get left to watch 10 hours of videos, make it 15 minutes in, and find it too overwhelming, so you log out and forget all about it for the next 12 months.

Yep, more money down the drain!

Let’s cut right to the chase...

This is your sign to go for it.


You won’t be showered in money by focusing on manifesting and mantras alone.

The only way to become a master at attracting money, keeping money and multiplying money

is by REVEALING, REWIRING and UPGRADING your money beliefs

And my unique Money Project 6 step Roadmap helps you do just that.

The Money Project Diagramv2

This roadmap will take you through the entire process of healing your relationship with money and learning how to effortlessly attract more money into your life.

Every step supports you with:

Resources, downloads, strategies and coaching to help you put each element into action.

Virginia Baker Woolf

...That's me, Virginia Baker-Woolf

I help smart women master their relationship with money, attract abundance and finally feel financially secure.

And this work means so much to me because I've walked in your shoes.

I spent years climbing the corporate ladder, achieving my goals and ignoring anything to do with money.

I coached professional women on how to get ahead in their careers, command what they are worth, and upgrade their under earning.

Yet, my own relationship with money was broken, and I felt ashamed to admit that I had no idea what was coming in and what was going out each month!

One day I knew things had to change. And, so I dived into learning EVERYTHING I could about money and quickly added 'certified money coach' to my extensive list of credentials.

Fast forward to today, and I've helped hundreds of women completely transform their relationship with money, take charge of their financial future and finally feel free.

Unlike many other coaches, you'll find out there - I go beyond the mantras, meditations and fluffy manifestation hacks and dig deep to help you unearth your buried money beliefs, rewire your mindset and step into abundance.

Join me inside The Money Project, and let me show you how empowering it can be to become smart about money.

The Money Project will be re-opening in 2024
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What makes The Money Project Program different from “other” money courses?

Most programs are a band-aid solution to your broken relationship with money. They only ever teach you 'part' of the solution, focusing on mantras, manifestation, and meditation. As a result, you often wind up back where you started.

The Money Project Program gives you the WHOLE solution and the support to take action.

You'll get access to the specific tools you need, coaching to answer your questions and a tight-knit community of like-minded professional women to cheer you on.

By the end of this course, you’ll walk away having reprogrammed your mindset around money so that you can attract, keep and create more money with absolute ease.

Makes Course Better

Flash forward a few weeks from now when you’ll know…

  • Exactly what money stories have been keeping you stuck and how to re-write them to set you free
  • How your unique money archetype is affecting your relationship with money and how to use your archetype to your advantage
  • How to finally let go of shame and secrecy around money and at long last become comfortable and in control
  • How to expand your capacity to experience and receive abundance – right now
  • How to manage your money every month and relax while doing it
  • How to grow your money with ease and enjoyment
  • How to feel fulfilled, secure and in control of your financial future
  • resolving past emotional issues around money, past paradigms and ongoing negative beliefs about money.

Because here's the thing...

Once you take control of your money. You take control of your life.

But don’t just take my word for it…

“I found The Money Project illuminating and I really got benefit from looking at money as a metaphor for so many other parts of my life. I found all the exercises and worksheets really defining and focusing. The best part was that I was so money motivated that I organised my finances so that I could buy a beach holiday house – which is also an investment. I had spent years wanting to do that – The Money Project with Weekly Group Coaching got me there."

Sara Stain Joffe
Chartered Accountant

Here’s a quick peek at what’s waiting for you inside The Money Project Program

  • Understand your money story and the current beliefs that are running your money mindset
  • Pluck out the negative story strands and re-write an empowered narrative to create more abundance
  • Discover my “3-Step Circuit Breaker” that will stop your negative thoughts in their track

Value: $1,500

  • Take my unique Money Archetype Assessment and discover your ruling Money Archetype
  • Learn how the core elements of your archetype are affecting your current relationship with money
  • Reveal the money magic that your archetype holds and learn how to use this to upgrade your abundance

Value: $1,000

  • Shine a light on the 3 main syndromes that may be keeping you stuck in a money spiral
  • Release the shame you’ve been carrying around money
  • Learn how to become your own Prince Charming and celebrate yourself instead of feeling like a fraud

Value: $1,000

  • Learn how to flip the switch from negative to positive money mindset
  • Identify your core values and activate these to guide you back to power

Value: $1,000

  • The Three Step Circuit Breaker will put you in control of how you feel about and respond to money by giving you 3 very specific tools to soothe yourself and work with your Money EQ.

Value: $1,000

  • Create your roadmap for future financial success
  • Design your ideal life without guilt and harness the power of intention
  • Embody your beliefs, your future vision and create your new reality guilt, harnessing  the power of intention.

Value: $1,000

And remember when I said this is not your typical money mindset program?

That's because The Money Project is more than a set of DIY resources.
It's a powerful community and coaching experience that includes:

Bonus Eft Tapping

Bonus #1

The Effortless EFT Queen Plan with Marie Spencer-Rowland
(VALUE $97)

EFT  is a proven healing technique validated by science. It will break and release the circuits of emotions that have been tied to a problem.  Marie is a very successful EFT coach and she has interesting ideas on money.

Bonus Spring Clean Soul

Bonus #2

The Money Maven Spring Clean for Your Soul
(VALUE $297)

A 15 Day Spring Clean for the Soul Email Challenge to shed your outer layers and reveal new growth. Each day you will receive a daily reflection, a journaling exercise and an exercise to set your intention. This challenge will unburden your soul and set your spirit free.

Bonus Gratitude

Bonus #3

The Money Maven Gratitude Practice to Attract
(VALUE $297)

A 30-day science-backed gratitude process that will help you cultivate a positive, problem-solving mindset and power-up your manifestation abilities. The more grateful we are the more powerful we are to attract what we want.

Bonus Facebook Group

Bonus #4

The Womens' Money
Project Circle
(VALUE $97)

Become part of an incredibly powerful community of Money Mavens from around the world, united in the same goal of transforming their money mindset. Never feel isolated or alone again

I’ve even got your back with a Happiness Guarantee and Cancel In The First Week Promise!

Happiness Guarantee

I'm so confident that this program will completely blow you away, that I even offer a completely risk-free guarantee.

Join, try it and apply it. And if you're not utterly obsessed with the value inside, I'll give you a full refund within your first 7 days.

It's literally a no-brainer.

The Money Project will be re-opening in 2024
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Is The Money Project Program Right for You?

Look, this program is not for everyone. So let me help you make your decision a little faster.

This is for you if...

  • You’re ready to become as capable with money as you are with everything else in your life
  • You know you need some support and tools to help you master this relationship once and for all
  • You’re ready to do the work and go beyond the fluff as your financial future matters to you

This is NOT for you if...

  • You're looking for a down and dirty course on manifestation and you want to bypass the work
  • You don't feel you need support and you'd rather bury your feelings about money than look them in the eye
  • Anyone who doesn't want to do "the work" - this is an action-based program that requires your commitment

If you’ve made it this far down the page. . .

This is your sign to go for it.

  • Because, here's the thing. You wouldn't still be here if that annoying niggle about money wasn't playing on your mind.
  • Maybe you know that time is running out for you to get on top of things, and you want to retire young and wealthy instead of old and broke!
  • Perhaps you've tried many things to manifest money before, and you've always felt like something was missing. *hint, this is it!
  • Or maybe you simply want to be around other women, just like you. Smart women who want to get smart about money.
  • Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure.
  • Money makes the world go round!
  • Ignoring it and resisting working on it won't make your problems disappear.
  • Now is your time. Don’t let it pass you by.
Sink or Swim

OK, Virginia, but I have a few questions…

Give Yourself the Gift of True Wealth!

Remember: The wisest investment you can ever make is in yourself!
No matter what day of the year it is, now is absolutely the best possible time to begin your journey towards wealth.

Ready to Get Smart About Money?

The Money Project will be re-opening in 2024
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