Money mojo

The fastest and most permanent way to rewire your mindset and become a master at attracting, keeping and making more money

A three-step technique for smart women who want to finally let go of their stress about money

Katherine added another line of income and thereby ceased underearning

Caroline got a promotion with more money and benefits whilst completing this program

Sara organised herself to buy a holiday house

Natasha got a significant salary increase

Mary decided that she could let go of The Impostor Syndrome and start shining as an entrepreneur

You’re an intelligent, professional woman with big ambitions, but right now:

  • When it comes to money, your emotional state is stuck in fear.
  • You feel like there's never quite enough, no matter how hard you work.
  • You see others around you who seem to spend, attract and splash money with ease and think, "Why can't that be me?"
  • You hear a small voice inside you that plays negative thoughts about money on repeat, but you're not sure how to break the cycle.
  • You're not sure how you came to think this way about money, but you know it's time to stop and re-write your future.


How you think about money, affects how much money you have

Did you know that how you think about money today has nothing to do with YOU and everything to do with your childhood and life experiences?

In fact, your beliefs about money are not even yours, and you don't need to keep them!

It’s totally possible and actually very simple to change your mind about money.

You just need to know how to…


Maybe you’ve heard coaches and gurus talk about “Your money story” or “Your money beliefs”

Perhaps you’ve thought “Can’t I just focus on manifesting more money?”

And, while manifesting is a very powerful tool, most of the time it doesn’t work because…

You’re still stuck in the subconscious loop of your negative money story

So how do you break the pattern that’s playing on repeat?

Let me show you how inside...

Money Mojo

In less than 3 hours, I’ll teach you the life-changing technique that will permanently change the way you think about money…for the better

Money Mojo Sneak Peek

Imagine finally being able to let go of your stress about money and open your bank statements with excitement!

  • You could start to manifest anything you desire because you’ve deleted the narrative that’s been keeping you stuck
  • You could plan for the future, take that holiday and invest with confidence
  • You’d be able to make empowered decisions and never again feel panic or a scarcity mindset.

And even better than all this, you’d finally feel confident, calm and in control of your money.

Virginia Baker Woolf

Hi, I’m Virginia

I help smart women master their relationship with money, attract abundance and finally feel financially secure.

And this work means so much to me because I've walked in your shoes.

I spent years climbing the corporate ladder, achieving my goals and ignoring anything to do with money.

I coached professional women on how to get ahead in their careers, command what they are worth, and upgrade their underearning.

Yet, my own relationship with money was broken, and I felt ashamed to admit that I had no idea what was coming in and what was going out each month!

One day I had a serious money wakeup call when I realised that we had lost money on an investment and I realised that my money was in a state of chaos. I knew things had to change. And so, I dived into learning EVERYTHING I could about money and quickly added 'certified money coach' to my extensive list of credentials.

Fast forward to today, and I've helped hundreds of women completely transform their relationship with money, take charge of their financial future and finally feel free.

Unlike many other coaches, you'll find out there - I go beyond the mantras, meditations and fluffy manifestation hacks and dig deep to help you unearth your buried money beliefs, rewire your mindset and step into abundance.

I designed Money Mojo to help you quickly and permanently let go of your stress about money.  Let me show you how empowering it can be to become smart about money. I can’t wait to help you inside the mini-course.

You’ll learn the 3 life-changing principles of:



The subconscious story that’s been holding you hostage



An empowering story that turns the negatives into positives



Bust through any residual blocks and imprint new beliefs for lasting change

The best part? I make this easy to follow, fast and simple

So you can say goodbye to feeling stressed about money …

And finally become the boss of your money and your beliefs.

Here’s what you’ll learn and implement inside Money Mojo

By the end of this module you’ll:

  • Understand how your beliefs have been formed and imprinted to create a narrative that influences everything you think and feel about money.
  • Have a new and liberating story that enables you to step into a positive relationship with money and take back your power.
  • Chart your money biography through each stage of your life
  • Uncover the root cause of your ingrained beliefs
  • Reveal how you are living out a money story that’s been handed down generationally
  • Implement my fast forgiveness process to release your guilt
  • Complete the Time Traveller Exercise to decide what you desire in the future and change your NOW
  • With your beliefs and old story exposed, you’ll now step into writing a new narrative

By the end of this module you’ll:

  • You will understand your own money personality and how it operates in your world
  • You will be able to design your life using your values
  • The Money Personality quiz that will reveal your default money psyche
  • The Values Quiz will Identify your values and how to use these to guide your new story
  • Create an action plan to bring your new story to life

By the end of this module you’ll:

  • Create your ideal future relationship with money and build stress free money rituals and habits.
  • Simple finance actions that will help you get your money in order and feel in control
  • Experience the ripple effect of the magic that comes from taking control

By the end of this module you’ll:

  • Clearly understand the money blocks that are in your way and bust through them.
  • Learn the most common money blocks that affect professional women, identify which are yours and how to smash through them once and for all

By the end of this module you’ll:

  • Put yourself  back in control of how you feel about and respond to money by giving you 3 very specific tools to soothe yourself and work with your Money EQ.
  • Learn 3 techniques to soothe yourself and put you back in control

By the end of this module you’ll:

  • Learn to love your money. To appreciate it. To understand it and to make it work with you. For you.
  • Learn how to maintain your new money skills so your growth in wealth and joy is long term and sustainable
  • Learn the small changes in your daily routine that can foster massive growth—and why it’s critical to not try to do “too much, too soon”
  • 5 things to add to your day that encourage change—including one that might surprise you
  • Discover your optimal, peak performance time that can make all the difference.

Here’s what you’ll get

Sample Videos

32 Snappy Videos

Sample Worksheets

8 x Fill in the Blanks Worksheets

Sample Action Plan

4 x Action Sheets

Sample Checklists

4 x Checklists

Sample Learnings

6 x Key Learnings Sheets

Sample Quiz

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Access to the Women’s Money Project Circle private Facebook Community

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Your investment to nail it yourself

$3,000 $297 USD

(That's a saving of more than $2,003)

Plus these amazing bonuses!

Bonus 1: The 3 Step Circuit Breaker
(Value $497)

Even when we have a new money story, situations that pop up in life will trigger us and try to de-rail us.  My 3-step Circuit Breaker is a tool you can use anytime these triggers occur to get you back on track.

Bonus 2: Busting Money Blocks
(Value $97)

Once and for all let’s bust through the blocks. The more you motivate yourself with intention the better magnet you are for abundance and all good things. The more intention and mindset work you do the more money in your life. Plan on abundance with intention and gratitude.

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Money Mojo

The fastest and most permanent way to rewire your mindset and become a master at attracting, keeping and making more money

A three-step technique for smart women who want to finally let go of their stress about money

Money Mojo Sneak Peek