Transform Your Financial Destiny with Virginia's Money Mindset Coaching


These are the words my clients use to describe how they feel after working with me, Virginia. Because your financial journey isn't supposed to be filled with doubt and uncertainty.

Start Your Journey to Financial Freedom

Transform Your Financial Destiny with Virginia's Money Mindset Coaching


These are the words my clients use to describe how they feel after working with me, Virginia. Because your financial journey isn't supposed to be filled with doubt and uncertainty.

When you're aligned with your financial goals and understand the power of your mindset –
Wealth becomes more than just numbers in your bank account;
it becomes a state of being.

If you’re ready to transform your relationship with money, to move from anxiety and uncertainty to a place of empowerment and abundance, I'm here to guide you.

Together, we'll embark on a transformative journey to uncover your deep-seated beliefs about money, redefine your relationship with wealth, and create a financial strategy that resonates with your soul's desires.

You’ll experience...

CONTROL over your financial decisions

CONFIDENCE in your ability to attract wealth

ABUNDANCE in your life that reflects your true potential

Since working through Virginia's Money Project Core Processes, I increased my salary significantly. In addition, I shifted to a new job with much more freedom and personal accountability and no one breathing down my neck.

- Natasha Galea

Meet Virginia:

Your Guide to Financial Freedom

Hello, I'm Virginia – your mentor on this journey towards financial clarity and abundance. My mission is to empower intelligent women like you to master their relationship with money, attract abundance, and secure financial freedom.

My passion for this work is deeply personal. I've navigated the same path you're on now. After years of climbing the corporate ladder and achieving external success, I realised my own relationship with money was fraught with avoidance and misunderstanding. Despite coaching professional women on advancing their careers and advocating for their worth, I was silently struggling with my financial health.

The turning point came with a stark realisation that forced me to confront my financial fears head-on. This moment of truth propelled me into an immersive journey of financial self-discovery. I delved into every resource I could find, rapidly evolving from financial novice to a certified money coach.

Today, my life's work is to share these insights and strategies with you. I've had the privilege of guiding countless women through their transformations, helping them to not only understand but also to rewrite their money stories.

My approach is different. I look beyond the surface-level solutions of mantras and quick fixes. Together, we'll explore the depths of your financial psyche, uncovering and healing the money beliefs that have held you back. My one-to-one services are designed to support you deeply with a personalised pathway to release your financial stress and step into a life of abundance.

I'm here to show you that change is not just possible; it's within your reach. Let's embark on this journey together.

We're a Perfect Match If…

You're standing at a crossroads, knowing deep down that your financial reality doesn't align with the life you dream of. You're not just seeking temporary fixes; you're yearning for a profound transformation in your relationship with money. If the following resonates with you, then you're in the right place:

You're an Accomplished Mid-Life Woman but your finances don’t show it:

You've achieved success and navigated life's ups and downs, yet when it comes to money, there's a disconnect. You're ready for your financial reality to mirror the successful woman you are, addressing the one area that's been letting you down.

You're Ready for Change:

You feel a deep call for transformation in your financial future. You're not just looking for a new strategy, set of mantras or a manifestation technique you're seeking a new way of being with money.

You Want More Than Just Financial Advice:

The thought of spreadsheets and number crunching might even make you feel like burying your head under the covers. You're looking for a holistic approach that addresses your financial beliefs and behaviours so that you can change your destiny - once and for all.

You're Ready to Invest in Yourself:

You recognise this moment as your time. You're prepared to make a significant commitment to your personal and financial growth.

Money Mindset
Coaching Options


The $10K Money Map Session: 1-Hour Session


Experience a profound shift in just one hour: Uncover your unique Money Magnetism Code, transform your financial anxiety into confidence and create your personal plan to attract your next $10K with ease.

You’ll leave this session being able to attract money effortlessly and feel a renewed sense of financial confidence and empowerment

In this transformative session, you will:

Unlock the Secret Behind Your Money Magnetism Code: Discover how your financial archetype shapes your wealth destiny.

Transform Your Anxiety into Assurance with Just One Technique:  Learn the Abundance Activation method that changes your financial vibration instantly.

The Time Traveler’s Shortcut to Wealth: Master the time bending exercise that propels your future financial success into the present.

Craft Your Personal Road to Riches: This isn't about vague advice. You'll leave with a clear, actionable plan tailored to make your next $10K in record time

Plus you’ll also get these bonuses to accelerate your money mindset:


⚡ Bonus #1: The Wealth Attraction Toolkit: Tools and resources to maintain your momentum towards financial abundance (Value $97)


⚡ Bonus #2: Exclusive Access to the Financial Freedom Masterclass: Learn advanced strategies for sustaining and growing your wealth (Value $197)


⚡ Bonus #3: One Week of Voxer Support: Direct access to Virginia for guidance and accountability as you implement your $10K Money Map (Value $597)

Book Your $10K Money Map Session Here


Three-Month Money Mindset Transformation: A personalised one on one coaching experience

Transform your financial life in three months:

Forge a deep, unshakeable connection with money, achieving not just remarkable financial growth but also experiencing lasting peace and joy in your financial journey.

Here’s what we’ll cover:


Discover Your Money Story: Together, we'll explore your Money Biography, identifying the beliefs and patterns that have shaped your financial life, rewriting the narrative that’s held you hostage and creating your new abundant reality.


Clear Your Money Blocks: We'll identify the deep-seated beliefs that are specific to you (there are always hidden blocks you didn’t know existed and they’re running the show!) and replace them replacing them with empowering narratives that open you up to financial abundance.


Design Your Wealth Plan: With a clear understanding of your financial goals and values, we'll craft a strategy that aligns with your vision for the future.


Live Abundantly: Learn the habits and practices to maintain your new relationship with money, ensuring lasting change and ongoing abundance.

This comprehensive program offers:

Dive deep in the initial intensive session to lay the groundwork for your financial rebirth.

Each session is a step closer to dismantling financial barriers and enhancing your wealth-building strategies.

Get exclusive Voxer access to Virginia for guidance when you need it most.

Explore Virginia's comprehensive suite of resources and courses, each designed to escalate your financial success.

Ready to Rewrite Your Money Story?

If you're feeling called to a life of greater financial freedom and abundance, Money Mindset Coaching with Virginia is your next step.

Let's create a future where you feel empowered, confident, and abundantly wealthy.

Virginia changed my life! I never realized how much my beliefs about money were holding me back. Now, I feel empowered and excited about my financial future.

- Jen Woods

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