In just 60- seconds, reveal the powerful persona pulling the strings on your money mindset. Discover how to play to your strengths, sidestep your blind spots, and get a unique plan for magnetizing more money into your life



Gain clarity on subconscious beliefs affecting your financial decisions


Empower yourself to make conscious, informed money choices


Improve your relationship with money, leading to better financial outcomes


Align your financial actions with your true self, creating a life of abundance


1. Unearth Unresolved Money Issues: Most of us carry unresolved feelings about money. These feelings often lead to self-limiting and self-defeating behaviors. It's time to break free.

2. Discover Your Money Magnetism Persona: Based on extensive research, we've identified eight distinct Money Personas. Each one reveals specific patterns in how you relate to money.

3. Transform into a Money Magician: The ultimate goal? To evolve into the Money Magician, the archetype that embodies a healthy, conscious relationship with money, leading to true prosperity.


"I feel accomplished, rewarded, validated, fearless, important, celebratory, excited, masterful, rewarded, ready for more, and charged up. Thank you so much, Virginia!”

- Anne Bennet

I now understand…how setting goals both inspires action and triggers unconscious resistance and fear and how my self-belief was damaged by past events, but it is critical trust in myself again. I’m so glad I found you!”

- Sally

Hi, I'm Virginia!

Money mindset isn't just my expertise; it's my mission. 

Here’s what I believe... In life, especially as we embrace the wisdom of our years, understanding our relationship with money can be the key to unlocking true financial freedom.

It's not just about earning more; it's about creating a resonance with wealth that feels authentic and empowering. It's about tapping into the emotional aspects of money, the ones that fuel our dreams and secure our futures.

The secret? Integrating the essence of your money magnetism persona into every financial decision. It's about moving beyond the numbers and embracing the emotional heartbeat of wealth.

Since its inception, my quiz has illuminated the financial paths for countless women. Blending deep psychological insights with practical financial strategies, it's crafted to reveal the unique formula for your financial success.

Through this quiz, my comprehensive courses, and personalized coaching, I've been the guiding light for women at life's crossroads, empowering them to achieve financial independence and peace of mind.

Over the years, I've witnessed incredible transformations, as women from all walks of life have taken control of their finances and their futures.

So, is it your turn to step into financial clarity?

Dive into my quiz and discover the wealth within. I'm excited to be part of your journey!


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