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Here are the Keys to Your Abundance

The Millionaire Mindset eBook

For our entire lives, we’ve been told that the only way to make money is to win the lottery or work harder. The odds of winning the lottery are pretty slim. And it’s not true that working harder always gets you more money. There’s not a direct correlation between how hard you work and how much money you make.

  • There is, however, a direct correlation between your money mindset and how much money you make. In other words, the way you think about money has a real and direct influence on how much money you actually make. Your money mindset can either catapult you to wealth or keep you in poverty.
  • This is why most people never reach the level of success they truly want. They don’t have an effective mindset about achieving success and gaining wealth. They’re trapped where they are and don’t know how to change.
  • Does this describe you? Not reaching your full potential? Not financially free? Not truly happy? Asleep at the wheel? Then this book is for you. You simply need to keep an open mind. Beliefs you’ve held for many years will be challenged.
  • Having more money isn’t so much about changing the way you work as it is changing the way you think. You have the ability to make as much money as you want.
  • There’s a good chance that what you believe about money is simply wrong. We’ve been conditioned by society, our parents, and our friends to believe certain things about money. And most of us have believed those things without ever questioning them.

As a result, we have what you might call a “difficult” relationship with money. We want more of it but can never seem to get enough. We know that it can achieve great things, but we feel conflicted when we spend it.

It’s because we’ve believed a lot of myths and lies about money. As a result, we haven’t achieved the level of success that we truly want. If you want more success, money, and happiness, then it’s crucial that you stop believing money myths and master your mindset about money. The Course

Money Myths

Grab this ebook to resolve these money myths:

Myth #1: Money is evil

Myth#2: People who want money are greedy

Myth #3: There is not enough money

Myth #4: I’ll never make enough money

Myth #5: If I make more money people won’t like me

Myth #6: I’m just fine without money the course

Money Mindset

Grab this ebook to build your mindset:

  • The Power of Your Mind: An Abundance Mindset
  • Your Mind Controls Your Outcomes
  • Changing Your Mind About Money
  • Opportunities Are Everywhere
  • Taking Action On Your Dreams
  • Leave the poverty mindset behind

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Resource #2: How to Achieve Financial Independence

Once and for all start taking steps to build financial independence
Money is a tool that you can control. Find out how.

Achieving financial freedom the Course

Satisfaction is the keyword to financial freedom

Your Ebook includes the following:

  • Understand ”financial freedom”
  • SHIFT out of the traditional concepts regarding income and expenses.
  • Financial freedom shifts out of time-for-money swap
  • Change your old mindset and develop a new attitude towards earning money.
  • Get rid of any negative attitude towards earning money
  • Maintain a healthy balance between wants, needs and abundance
  • Financial freedom is a state of mind which is a super self development
  • Financial freedom is process of self liberation

DIVE IN the Course

Open up to the infinite possibilities that truly exist for you–once we get all the other “stuff” out of the way, that is!

Most of us have spent our entire lives being told not to talk about money, or to feel shameful for having (or not having) money or to ignore money all together.

To counter this negative thinking you will develop striking clarity around what’s been holding you back from earning copious amounts of cash AND help you picture and eventually embody and live out the abundant future you desire.

Shine | Sparkle | Radiate

Build an awesome life built on intention and abundance principles

A Note From….

Virginia Baker Woolf

I am your financial freedom fighter. your transformation is my passion and purpose.

Listen, I know a lot of online gurus are yelling in your face about the power of manifestation and I know that those strategies are great – but there is so much more to work on…those gurus are not doing the deep, transformational work that is really needed when it comes time to finally upgrading your money mindset and healing your money relationship.

How would you like to heal and empower your money, your finances and your money wellbeing to have more money and more money peace? Do you experience anxiety at the thought of checking your bank balances ? Are you sick and tired of feeling that you aren’t working hard enough? Are you feel stressed, ashamed, anxious, fearful, worried and uncertain about money?

Do you find yourself thinking… “Am i ever going to get my money straight?” “Will i ever get ahead?” “Am i ever going to have enough?”

“Is it even possible for me to heal my relationship with money without sacrificing my sanity in the process?”

“Is it possible for me to have a warm and fuzzy relationship with money?”

sessions THE COURSE

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