I'm Ready For Abundance

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I'm Ready For Abundance

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a note from virginia baker woolf...

Money. One small word that can bring up such powerful stories and emotions.

What does it bring up for you ?

Are you like the many women I speak to who literally feel anxiety at the thought of checking your bank balances? 

Are you sick and tired of feeling like you aren’t working hard enough yet you never seem to get time to just stop and relax or treat yourself? 

Do you find yourself thinking things like "Am I ever going to get my money straight? "Will I ever get ahead?" "Am I ever going to have enough?"

Does it feel like you are on an endless treadmill of never enough money coming in but regardless of how much you cut back, there’s always more than you make going out?

Does attempting or even contemplating managing your money literally send a foggy like haze over your brain and you completely zone out or quickly seek to distract yourself? 

Well, I promise you, you’re definitely not alone. 

Money is a trigger for so many. 

Did you know some sobering statistics? Let me share. 

  • Only 37% of Australian women are able to keep up with bills and financial commitments without any difficulties at all. 
  • The average woman has only a third of the retirement funds that a man has (this needs early planning)
  • Women are 80% more likely to fall below the poverty line in retirement (because of the above statistic)
  • And perhaps the first one that needs to change … 61% of women would prefer to talk about death rather than discuss money and finances. 

Really let that sink in. 

They’d prefer to speak about the end of their existence over discussing empowering ways to actually let money and their money relationship help them to truly LIVE…

How did we get here!?

We women deserve so much more! 

But despite these sombre current norms - there is definitely a lot you can do to shift your current money relationship and not allow this to become your future. 

And it really isn’t as scary as you may think. 

It is 100% possible for you to have a warm and fuzzy relationship with money. 

It is 100% possible for you to heal and empower your money. To heal your finances. To increase your money wellbeing and to create more money and money peace. 

You do not have to resign to a life of feeling stressed, ashamed, anxious, fearful, worried and uncertain about money.

And I would love to show you how. 

Now listen, I know a lot of online gurus are yelling in your face about the power of manifestation and I know that those strategies are great…

But there is so much MORE to work on. 

Those gurus are not doing the deep, transformational work that is really needed when it comes time to finally upgrade your money mindset and heal your money relationship.

But my proven approach is. 

So if you are tired of letting your money create fear, insecurity, emptiness and longing within you, then say today, enough is enough. 

You can have the future you’ve always secretly desired. It doesn’t have to live only in your imagination. You can have those shoes or that wildly gorgeous tote bag that you have been admiring from afar. And you can have it without the stress and guilt you’ve become accustomed to associating with it. 

But even more than that, you can feel what it feels like to be in control of your life. Like really. To own the power of choice and make decisions based on what feels good for you, not based on your current limitations. 

This masterclass will completely transform you.

So let’s dive in . . .

So Why Would You Listen To Me ?

But how did I get here? 


Your TRANSFORMATION is my passion and purpose.

Why am I so passionate about empowering other women on their journey to healing their money relationship?

Because I, like many of my fellow women, spent many years oscillating from pure anxiety around understanding anything to do with money to completely sticking my head in the sand and hoping the whole topic would magically disappear. 

I gave over control of the finances to my husband and rarely involved myself in any of our major financial decisions.

The result? I felt unsafe, completely out of control and had zero confidence to change how I was viewing this really important aspect of becoming an independent adult. 

So one day, after yet another disempowering encounter of not understanding our basic finances and also in pure shame and judgement of myself for my perceived lack of smarts - I decided enough was enough. 

I delved into the world head first and vowed to unravel this unspoken ‘taboo’ topic that plagues so many women worldwide. 

Today, I’m a Certified Money Coach and an International Coach Federation Accredited Coach. Among a list of other certifications all clearly found on my website. I tell you this to calm you. I appreciate trust is important here. Transparency also. Therefore it is important to note I am not a financial planner - so I’m not qualified to give advice on financial products.

But from my perspective and that of my countless satisfied and abundant clients you can hear from below; the traditional strategies, language and planning of managing and growing money are all important and great - but they are irrelevant if you do not have an empowered money mindset. And that I can guide you to, in abundance. 

So let’s dive in,


Founder: The Money Project

Wife, mum, corporate escapee, serial entrepreneur, coach, abstract artist, Spanish speaking, merlot lover.



You know there is so much value in becoming financially smart

but you stick your head in the sand

If we ignore it and don't look at it the problems will just go away.



You can't talk about money with ANYONE

and you feel lonely and isolated about money

As women we talk about everything and we learn by talking and processing.

There is such a strict taboo against speaking about money that we get NO support.

As we don't talk about it we think we are the only one with any financial issues !!


You know that your money life and story is bogged down

with blocks, baggage and negatives.
Reframing and rewriting your money story is awesome


In this FREE masterclass you will learn

The 3 biggest mistakes women make about money and how to avoid them


We stick our heads in the sand




We are wired





We carry negatives




here's what others say...

"Since working through The Money Project Core Processes I increased my salary significantly. In addition, I shifted to a new job with much more freedom and personal accountability and no-one breathing down my neck. 

Natasha Galea

Creative Director

"You guys... THIS COURSE WORKS. Since doing The Money Project and working with Virginia I am now finally able to sit down and organise my money without my heart in my mouth.  I have also had a salary increase and I am working a day less - how good is that ?

Caroline Ellis

Social Worker

" I got so much value out of doing The Money Project. It impacted so many areas of my life in addition to giving tremendous motivation about money - and I'm a CharteredAccountant. You don't know what you're missing. Virginia will, undoubtedly impress you."

Sara Stain Joffe Chartered Accountant

I'm Ready For Abundance