Maintaining an Abundance Mindset: 5 Quick and Easy Daily Habits that Will Ensure Your Success

When you want to adopt a healthier lifestyle, it’s normal for a person to develop an exercise regimen or meal plan so they can maintain their results. The same goes for a healthy mindset. Now that you’ve made the shift from scarcity to abundance, you want to maintain all the work you’ve done.

Here are 5 Habits that you can adopt which will ensure your success.

  1. Find Your Tribe – Anytime you’re attempting to make a life change, it’s important to recognize who is in your corner. You want to surround yourself with abundance minded people who will support you in this journey to better your life. Make an effort to hang out with them on a regular basis. Fill your social media feed with people that you aspire to be, not the judgmental mom from down the street or the guy from high school who still lives in his parent’s basement. Be intentional about who you spend time with and make sure they are filling a positive space in your circle of friends.
  2. Give More – Get into the habit of giving something of yourself on a daily basis. It can be as simple as a kind word or a smile. Go through your house and donate things you don’t want to someone in need. Pay for someone’s meal in the drive-through. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or the animal shelter. A random act of kindness may change someone’s whole outlook and it will strengthen your hold on the abundance mindset you’ve worked so hard for. That’s a win-win in my book.
  3. Organize Your Life – When you feel like your life is in order, everything else tends to fall into place. If you’re always running out of time, make a point to keep track of your day. See where your hours are being spent and then decide if you need to re-work some things in your schedule. Money issues? Create a budget and outline everything you have coming in and everything you have going out. Declutter – your office, your social media accounts, your phone. Make space for the things that are really important.
  4. Feed Your Mind – On any given day we are bombarded with negativity through news reports, social media, etc. Because of this, it’s so important feed your mind positive, uplifting material every day in order to maintain a healthy mindset. Reading books, listening to podcasts or Ted Talks, taking a class, learning a new skill – these are all great ways to keep your mind out of the scarcity gutter and focused more on abundance.
  5. Self-Care – It may seem odd, but self-care and abundance go hand in hand. Life gets so hectic sometimes that we don’t realize we are hanging by a thread until it gets ready to snap. It’s important to recognize those needs and block out some time just for us. Indulging in self-care doesn’t always mean a pampering massage or getting a facial. It can be something as simple as going offline for a weekend or taking a warm bath. Make yourself a healthy meal or learn to say no more often when something doesn’t serve you. A big part of abundance is self-love – what better way to strengthen your mind and take care of yourself in the process.

Create a routine that works with your schedule and do what feels right. As with anything, maintaining a healthy, abundance mindset takes work, but you’ll love the end result.