Busting Money Blocks

busting money blocks
+ inviting abundance

+ abundance journal
+ inviting abundance ebook
+ busting money blocks planner
3 fabulous resources for the low price of $37AUD / $28USD
create huge benefits by working with all three resources:
they go hand in hand and add to each other

I know, I know, I can hear you……………………
You don’t have time for journals, much less ebooks and planners…………too woo woo and you simply don’t have time.

The Benefits That Come With Journaling And Planning Are Exponential
The More You Motivate Yourself With Intention
The Better Magnet You Are For Abundance And All Good Things
The More Intention And Mindset Work The More Money In Your Life – They Go Hand In Hand
Here Are The Keys To Your Abundance


First Off: The Abundance Journal
Deeply Transformational And Healing
Abundance is all around us, all the time.
…But we’re not always tapped into it.

…But we’re not always tapped into it.

The truth is money is energy–which means money has a frequency. But thanks to subconscious blocks, fears and limiting beliefs around what money is or means to us, we’re not always on the same frequency as money…and therefore, it’s not always showing up in our lives the way we’d like it to.

The good news?

There are ways to actively raise your frequency to attract & make yourself available for more abundance. And one of the best ways is through a regular abundance journaling practice !


Have you ever felt…………..

  • You never have “enough” money – no matter how much you actually have
  • You can’t relax when it comes to your finances–you’re always worried the clients are going to dry up or the last client you signed will be your last client ever
  • You’re going to wake up one morning + discover a completely empty bank account and/or all your clients have fired you
  • You should probably be more practical – because who are you to turn the creative ideas in your head into actual cash?


  • Nice and/or luxurious things just “aren’t for you” You can’t create money consistently and will probably always ride the “feast-or-famine” rollercoaster – so better buckle up !
  • If you do have a high income month, it was “just a fluke” & you doubt whether you can do it again
  • You don’t even know if you want to be rich because rich people are….
  • Or any other negative emotion about money and abundance?

Yes? Then you’re in the right place.
Abundance journaling can help with all of that.

So, if you’re ready to:

  1. Let go of your “money stuff” for good
  2. Attract (rather than desperately chase after) ready, eager clients
  3. Finally relax about + feel supported by your finances

Start being, doing and having what you truly desire – regardless of the price tags involved!

Let’s do this!

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Second: The Inviting Abundance Ebook


Your Ebook Includes The Following:

  1. Be intentional about inviting abundance into your life
  2. Abundance is about much more than dollar signs
  3. Money isn’t evil – it’s a means to an end
  4. Getting out of a poverty mindset
  5. Become aware of opportunities and make the most of them
  6. Practise gratitude on a daily basis
  7. The quick path to abundance: build on what you have + who you know
  8. Simplify to focus on what’s truly important
  9. Let go of the past and embrace who, what and where you are now
  10. Focus on giving and sharing kindness

Did you know you can actually invite abundance into your life? All it takes is intention

  1. Money is a tool that you can control. Find out how.
  2. Leave the poverty mindset behind.
  3. Recognise the opportunities that bring abundance. Believe it or not, they’re all around you.

You’ll be living a life of abundance in no time!


Third: The Busting Money Blocks Planner

Once and for all let’s bust through the blocks and make this planner part of your everyday life. Let’s plan on abundance with intention and gratitude. This fabulous planner will motivate you to create an abundance routine that you can implement incorporating a positive money mindset into your own life.

The Step-by-Step Planner Covers:

  • Intro: Why Women Earn Less Than They Should
  • Acknowledging the Problem Is Always the First Best Step
  • Get to the Root of the Issue
  • Watch Your Language
  • Recognise (And Accept) Where You’re Starting From
  • Dare to Dream
  • Generosity Breeds Abundance
  • Use Affirmations to Create Your New Reality

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Open up to the infinite possibilities that truly exist for you–once we get all the other “stuff” out of the way, that is!

Most of us have spent our entire lives being told not to talk about money, or to feel shameful for having (or not having) money or to ignore money all together.

To counter this negative thinking you will develop striking clarity around what’s been holding you back from earning copious amounts of cash AND help you picture and eventually embody and live out the abundant future you desire.

Shine | Sparkle | Radiate

Build an awesome life built on intention and abundance principles

A Note From….

Virginia Baker Woolf

I am your financial freedom fighter. your transformation is my passion and purpose.

Listen, I know a lot of online gurus are yelling in your face about the power of manifestation and I know that those strategies are great – but there is so much more to work on…those gurus are not doing the deep, transformational work that is really needed when it comes time to finally upgrading your money mindset and healing your money relationship.

How would you like to heal and empower your money, your finances and your money wellbeing to have more money and more money peace? Do you experience anxiety at the thought of checking your bank balances ? Are you sick and tired of feeling that you aren’t working hard enough? Are you feel stressed, ashamed, anxious, fearful, worried and uncertain about money?

Do you find yourself thinking… “Am i ever going to get my money straight?” “Will i ever get ahead?” “Am i ever going to have enough?”

“Is it even possible for me to heal my relationship with money without sacrificing my sanity in the process?”

“Is it possible for me to have a warm and fuzzy relationship with money?”


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P.S. This course is backed by my 100% guarantee. If you feel it does not help you in any way to build a better, more satisfying business, simply email me for a fast, courteous refund.