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3 Ways To Develop More Grit

Business Grit

Grit is a character trait born of passion. Gritty people are typically down-and-dirty, take-no-prisoners types of people who want an outcome more than they want a scapegoat. Not to be confused with arrogance, grit is a powerful form of determination rooted in the belief that all things are possible. Some may argue that only type…

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Top 10 Money Manifesting Hacks


1. Create a Money Making/Attracting Affirmation. Make sure you have a goal affirmation, for example: ‘I earn/attract/manifest Eu/£/$ X amount a year’. 2. Be Specific and Keep It In the Now. If you’re focusing on earning/attracting more money, the Universe only has to deliver a cent more to achieve it. So state exactly how much.…

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The Flip Side of Affirmations


Are you aware that affirmations have a flip side ? A flip side that will weigh down the manifestation process ? There’s no shortage of self-help gurus who swear that repeating positive phrases to yourself can change your life. They tell us that if we simply tell ourselves “I am strong and successful”, your fears…

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Spoken Words Have More Power Than You Realize

Vivienne often called herself unattractive names. Sometimes, she did it when she was with friends and making self-deprecating jokes. But other times, she did it when she was angry and wanted to express her disappointment in herself or her behavior.

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