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“You guys… THIS COURSE WORKS. Since doing The Money Project and working with Virginia I am now finally able to sit down and organise my money without sweating with anxiety. I am now constantly upgrading my money mindset AND I can join the Weekly Coaching Group."

Caroline Ellis

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The fastest and most permanent way to rewire your mindset and become a master at
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A journey of total wealth transformation
using EFT.

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A 6-week money coaching program that will align your mindset AND your actions so you
can take control of your and take control of your life.


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Virginia Woolf

About Me

Hi I’m Virginia and I help smart women get smart about money, master their relationship with money, attract abundance and finally feel financially secure.

And this work means so much to me because I've walked in your shoes. I spent years climbing the corporate ladder, achieving my goals and ignoring anything to do with money.

I coached professional women on how to get ahead in their careers, command what they are worth and upgrade their underearning.

Yet, my own relationship with money was broken and I felt ashamed to admit that I had no idea what was coming in and what was going out each month!

One day I had a serious money wakeup call where I lost money and I realised that my money was in a state of chaos. I knew things had to change. And so, I dived into learning EVERYTHING I could about money and quickly added 'certified money coach' to my extensive list of credentials.

Fast forward to today, and I've helped hundreds of women completely transform their relationship with money, take charge of their financial future and finally feel free. Unlike many other coaches, you'll find out there - I go beyond the mantras, meditations and fluffy manifestation hacks and dig deep to help you unearth your buried money beliefs, rewire your mindset and step into abundance.

Join me inside The Money Project or Money Mojo and let me show you how empowering it can be to become smart about money.

On the Blog

My Dreams

Planning Your Audacious Dream Life

‘A goal is a dream with a deadline’ – Leo B. Hezel   There’s an epidemic among us. And no, I’m not talking about a certain virus that’s been plaguing us for years.   No. The infiltration I’m referring to is the overflow of unhelpful information on the life-changing topics of goal-setting and manifestation. So much…

Business Grit

3 Ways To Develop More Grit

Grit is a character trait born of passion. Gritty people are typically down-and-dirty, take-no-prisoners types of people who want an outcome more than they want a scapegoat. Not to be confused with arrogance, grit is a powerful form of determination rooted in the belief that all things are possible. Some may argue that only type…


Top 10 Money Manifesting Hacks

1. Create a Money Making/Attracting Affirmation. Make sure you have a goal affirmation, for example: ‘I earn/attract/manifest Eu/£/$ X amount a year’. 2. Be Specific and Keep It In the Now. If you’re focusing on earning/attracting more money, the Universe only has to deliver a cent more to achieve it. So state exactly how much….